The Coptic Orthodox church do believe of the importance of establishing her own schools where children can be educated wisely , build an integrated full personality and prepare a creative distinct generation capable of coping up with future challenges.


the student should cohabit together with a clear spirit without any grudges or impurities.

that our students should possess a renewable mentality capable of dealing with modern challenges.

that our students should get along with the community , affected and influenced away from any secession or singularity .

to create a generation capable of creating , innovating and dealing with modern technology challenges with mindful mentality and developed vision .

to create a stalwart strong generation that adapts with the environment in which we alive .

to implant in our students principals , values and ethics .

That the human should stick by the costumes and habits of his own country and attached to every part of it, Also he should be prepared to sacrifice with every valuable and precious for his country sake.



Developing a physically strong generation that can adapt easily to the environment we live in to become an independent individual.


Abiding by the values and traditions of the nation; having a deep sense of belonging to the nation and becoming ready to sacrifice for the sake of the nation.


Planting the seed of principles, values and ethics for a balanced character.


Living a hatred-free life by owning a pure spirit.


Having a mind that is capable of renewing itself and of adapting to the challenges of the era by owning critical thinking skills.


Becoming effective and active members of the society away from introversion and anarchism.

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